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FlyFeel is a geosocial app that lets you share how any place feels.

No matter where you go -- bars, clubs, parties, concerts... parks, beaches, restaurants, or cafés -- when you’re out and in the mix, share how you feel about the atmosphere and the crowd you're in. You decide if a place stands up to the best ones in the city.

With real-time ratings of all the top places, you'll always know where to go next.

FlyFeel is designed to give you on-point, real-time information about places and cities across the globe, which you can use to make better decisions about where and when to go out or take trips.

Feel. Rate. Elevate.
FlyFeel Philosophy
Every place where people gather has its own atmosphere. The energy that each person brings through the door mixes with others’ to create one overall feel. By gauging and aggregating how each person feels at a location, we can determine how the nature of the atmosphere changes.
Pure Intuition
It only takes a few seconds for our senses to pick up the affect of a particular place. While traditional review apps require taking the time to carefully consider the pros and cons of each place, a FlyFeel rating can be be made accurately in a split second -- you only need to be aware of how you feel in the moment.
The Mission
FlyFeel ratings give you exactly what you’re looking for -- a glimpse into where the happiness and excitement is right now in your city.


"That's 30 minutes away... I'll be there in 10."

"The medium is the message."


The FlyFeel Experience

Places Change

throughout the week and
throughout the night
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it could escalate or die down,
at any given moment
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How does it feel?

it's all about the
energy in the room

The Higher, the better

settle for nothing less
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