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What is FlyFeel?
FlyFeel is designed to give you on-point, real-time information about places and cities across the globe, which you can use to make better decisions about where and when to go out or take trips.

To come up with this information, we don't leverage passive likes or check-ins from other networks or rely on arbitrary 5-star reviews. We get our info straight from the crowds of people that are there at these places at this moment.

When you're out and in the mix, share how you feel about the atmosphere and the crowd you're in. You decide if a place stands up to the best ones in the city and meets your personal standards. Together we can figure out what places are really like right now and take the guessing out of finding and living out the perfect day or night.
What is the Skyline?
The Skyline shows you how the places in your city compare to each other in real-time. Each tower represents a particular place. The height of a tower is determined by its aggregate rating. If a tower is high, it means that people are really feeling that place right now.

To check out a place in more detail, tap a tower to open up that place's page and look at recent ratings, comments and pictures.

All the ratings you make yourself are instantly added to the Skyline of the city you’re currently in -- it rises and falls with your input, so take pride in the fact that you're voice counts.
Where can I use FlyFeel?
FlyFeel can be used at any type of place -- bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, parks, gyms, cafes, stores, stadiums, art galleries, concert halls colleges -- anywhere you go. By utilizing Google's extensive Places API, FlyFeel users have the ability to rate an incredible amount of places in cities and countries across the world.

Keep in mind though you can only rate places when you’re ON-LOCATION. This keeps FF's information current and reliable and keeps opinions from people who aren’t actually out right now or have never even been to a place from messing with the credibility of the information. So if you want to rate how awesome chilling on the quad at your college is, what is feels like to enjoy a breathtaking view from your hotel balcony with your friends or what the experience of getting bottle service at a choice new lounge is like, you have to be there and live it to share it.
How is a place's aggregate rating determined?
In order to give you the most reliable and current idea of what a place is like and how it compares to others at this moment, aggregate ratings reflect the opinions of people who are out at places right now. Basically, it's a representation of the real community that frequents that place.
How do I rate a place?
Start by double-tapping the FlyFeel bar at the bottom of your page.
You can’t miss it -- it’s the black bar that has “FlyFeel” right in the center.

After the rating page opens up:

  1. Choose the place you’re at by hitting the Nearby Places compass (the white circle) on the top right or by finding it via the search bar.
  2. Slide the tower to gauge the atmosphere and energy you feel.
  3. Add a picture, comment and if you feel like it, share your rating to Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Finally, press SUBMIT!
If you’re a visual learner or forget how to do this at any time, go to Main Menu >> Details to see a simple visual tutorial.
How do I share a rating to my Facebook or Twitter?
You can share ratings to your Facebook timeline, your Twitter timeline, or both.

On the rating page, tap the logos of the social networks you wish to share to, located under the Submit button. If a logo turns highlighted blue, your rating will be shared to that timeline. Doing this gives your opinion and voice more reach and importance in the digital world.
How do I refresh the Skyline?
On the Skyline page, pull the page downwards until a refresh bubble appears on top, stretches out and snaps back into place (just like you would on a news feed). This will update all the Skyline towers and you can do this at any time.

Refreshing to view new and updated content can also be done on the Friends page, profile pages and place pages.
How do I add friends?
Go to Main Menu >> Settings >> Find/Invite Friends. Here, you can choose to add friends or invite people you know to join FlyFeel. The following features are at your disposal:


Here you will find your iPhone contacts list. Tap the arrow button next to someone’s name to send that person a direct link to download FlyFeel on the App Store and join you in the FF experience.

Facebook Tab and Twitter Tab (ADD FRIENDS)

These tabs show you which of your Facebook and Twitter friends are also on FlyFeel. Tapping the add (+) button next to a friend’s name lets you send that person a friend request. Keep in mind, not all your friends from those networks will appear here -- just the ones who are also on the app.

To check or update which social network account(s) you have linked to your profile, go to Settings >> Facebook/Twitter.

To check if you have requests from anyone, go to Settings >> Friend Requests

Search Tab (ADD FRIENDS)

Use the search bar to look up other users and people you know. If your search returns the person you’re looking for, tap the add (+) button to send them a friend request.

To check if you have requests from anyone, go to Settings >> Friend Requests.

In addition, you can send requests to friends of friends that you see listed on your friends’ profiles. Go to one of your friend’s profiles, tap the Friends tab to pull up their personal list and tap the add (+) button to send a request to someone you know too or someone you want to get to know.
How do I search for places or cities?
On the Skyline page, tap the white magnifying glass on the top right to open the search page. Here you can search for places and cities.

Searching for a place will direct you to a place’s page and searching for a city will direct you to that city’s Skyline.

Before you search, make sure to tap either the Places or City button to specify the type of search you're doing. Then just type in a name, press the Search button on the bottom left of your iPhone keyboard and you’re on your way to exploring somewhere different.
How do I Filter the Skyline?
Filtering is a convenient feature that gives you control over the types of places that appear in the Skyline. For example, if on one occasion you’re interested in checking out the bars and restaurants in your area, Filtering will update the Skyline to show only bars and restaurants and hide other places, like clubs and hotels.

To Apply a Filter:

  1. Tap the white magnifying glass on the top right to open the search page
  2. Tap the Filters button located above the search bar to open the Filter list
  3. Select the types of places you’re interested in seeing (choose as many as you want)
  4. Finally, tap the Apply Filters button up on top to update the Skyline
Just so you know, Filters are not permanent -- you can always change what you see by selecting or deselecting types on the Filter list or by choosing the All option to return to the default Skyline that shows you all places.
How do I protect my ratings?
While your ratings will be added to the pages of the places you visit, you have the option to completely restrict users you don’t know from viewing your profile and the other places you’ve visited and rated.

Go to Main Menu >> Settings >> Facebook/Twitter and turn “Ratings are Private” to ON. Doing so will only allow your friends to see your profile and activity updates.

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